Coronavirus Creates Food Insecurity Across The World

“Seeing the food come towards their car, some of them smile and some of them cry..”

Your Food Bank Needs You!

In the current COVID situation, do you need to feed a larger population? Is there more strain on the Food bank? How can we provide help, especially in this situation?

“Yes, Yes and Yes. For instance CAL Works has gone from feeding 500 families to 1100 families. Santee another site has gone from 400 to 800 so typically it has doubled.   Also 2nd Harvest has set up a lot more emergency weekly sites. You can help by raising money, donating time, whether that is sorting or working at a distribution.”

Volunteer you time!

IHow many volunteers do you have? What are the different volunteering services that are needed?

Volunteer numbers vary week by week depending on the number of distributions. Cypress that is the sort center has groups and individuals 3 times a day and typically it is 50+ in a group. There is also a sort center in San Mateo. If you look at the calendar you can see the number of daily distributions and each needs at least 20 volunteers. It is evident that distribution that usually has 25+ volunteers had just 12 of us.