Meet The Team

Shivek Narang


President & Founder


I’m Shivek Narang, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, deeply committed to combating food insecurity and promoting overall health. Recognizing that improved health is essential for human happiness, I founded NutritionNow with a specific focus on addressing the nutritional well-being of the most vulnerable in our communities—mothers, children, and seniors.

My inspiration stems from firsthand experiences volunteering at food banks and witnessing the challenges faced by the homeless population in the United States. Actively engaged in breaking the cycles of malnutrition and food insecurity, my volunteer work aims to provide essential support, particularly to the homeless, by contributing to food banks and addressing the immediate nutritional needs of underserved populations in our community.

At NutritionNow, my primary objective is to make a positive impact and drive change in the landscape of food insecurity in the United States. By dedicating my efforts to critical issues, I strive to contribute to the creation of a healthier, more nourished society.
Discover more about my work and passion for addressing food insecurity and supporting the homeless through my profile.





President & Founder

I’m Keshav Narang, a 17 year old high schooler on a mission to uplift society through active engagement in activism and volunteering for non-profits dedicated to supporting the underprivileged. As part of NutritionNow, my focus is on enhancing food accessibility within my community. I work tirelessly to raise awareness about food insecurity, spearheading initiatives to make a significant impact, including substantial donations to local food banks. Join me in leading the charge to eradicate world hunger. Together, we can make a tangible difference and build a more equitable future for all.
Keshav Narang

Krystle DiCristofalo


Director and Board Member

Ms. DiCristofalo is the CEO of My Ivy Education where she helps students apply their passions and be the best possible versions of themselves.  She is a Columbia University student and graduate of the Stanford University Online High School and Telluride Association Summer Program. 


Director and Board Member

Pankaj Verma is a senior technology leader. He is currently a Senior Project Manager at GNS Science managing scientific projects from the atomic to the planetary scale to create wealth and protect the environment. Mr. Verma has been actively involved with non-profit organizations as a volunteer for the last ten years.